Claiming New DNC Tokens: A Guide for DINHEIRUS Holders

The DNC – Dinheirus token is gearing up for an exciting relaunch, wherein a new set of tokens will be distributed to holders of the previous version, known as DICASH. This process will be facilitated through a feature called “CLAIM TOKENS.” To claim the new tokens, users will need to follow a few simple steps.

First, the user needs to click on the “CLAIM TOKEN” button, which will be available on our homepage ( Next, they will be prompted to connect their digital wallet, such as Metamask, which allows for token verification and transactions. Metamask is a widely used, secure browser extension for interacting with blockchain-based applications.

A list of TOKEN DINHEIRUS holders will be attached to this article and the page Therefore, when the user connects their Metamask wallet, the system will verify if their name is on the list. If the user’s name is found on the list, they will be eligible to receive the new DNC tokens. This step ensures that only legitimate holders of TOKEN DINHEIRUS are eligible for the distribution of the new tokens.

After confirming eligibility, the user will need to proceed with the transaction and pay the network fee. This fee is necessary to cover the processing costs on the blockchain network. Once the user successfully pays the fee, the new DNC tokens will be sent to their digital wallet, completing the claiming process.

It is crucial for users to stay updated with the instructions provided by the DNC – Dinheirus project, as all information will be published on our official blog, which is the sole official communication channel of the project.

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